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Color contact lenses

Color contact lenses

One: Summary
1. Cosmetic contact lenses, professional name: decorative colored plain contact lenses, mainly used to restore character glasses, or for myopic friends to cosplay non-myopic characters

Two: type
1. Daily disposable
Daily disposable does not mean that you wear it for 24 hours before throwing it away. Daily disposable is more about disposable. Whether you wear it for 20 minutes, half a day or a day, you must throw it away after wearing it. The daily disposable is disposable, so don’t worry about follow-up care~

2. Monthly, quarterly, annual, semi-annual
Monthly throws only take 30 days, but semi-annual throws and annual throws, it is not recommended to control the time completely within one year or half a year

Throw it half a year, it is recommended to use it for four to five months

Annual disposable, it is recommended to use it for six to ten months, it will be more hygienic

Three: material
1. Hydrogel: The first common material is hydrogel, which is suitable for people with healthy eyes
2. Non-ionic: On the basis of hydrogel, NVP material is added, suitable for people with sensitive eyes, and the lenses are relatively thin.
3. Silicone hydrogel: It is suitable for those with dry eyes. Its oxygen permeability is higher than the other two materials, about five to six times, so it is beneficial to the health of the eyes, and it is not easy to fatigue!
4. MPC silicon water: it is the best of the four materials, suitable for everyone. Because it's moisturizing is the best, comfort is also the best

Four: Terminology
1. Base arc
The base arc refers to the radian of the eyeball. The larger the base arc, the flatter the eyeball is, the smaller the base arc is, the more curved the eyeball is.
2. Lens diameter
The diameter of the color contact lenses refers to the maximum distance between two corresponding points on the edge of the contact lenses
3. Moisture content
Water content is a parameter of color contact lenses, which refers to the proportion of water in the lens, which can be divided into (38%-42%), (42%-60%), (above 60%)

Five: Nursing
Color contact lenses need to be cared for. If they are not used for a long time, it is recommended to replace the caring solution.
What needs to be emphasized here is that both the care solution and the companion box need to be replaced after three months. After the care solution is unpacked, no matter whether it is used up or not, it needs to be thrown away after three months. Because the care solution has the effect of sterilizing and moisturizing, the efficacy of the medicine inside will weaken a little after being left for a long time.
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