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The origin and evolution of cosplay.

The origin and evolution of cosplay.

What is COSPLAY?

COSPLAY means role-playing, which refers to the use of clothing, accessories, props and makeup to act as characters in animation works or games. COSPLAY is very popular in Japan, and COSPLAY activities are often held at comic exhibitions or game exhibitions.

The origin of COSPLAY

The costumes of Greek priests, theatrical performances, folklore activities, ancient interpretations of myths and legends, folk anecdotes, etc. can be said to be the origin of Cosplay. He (she) is actually playing the role of others.

Contents of COSPLAY

Legendary unique things (or their anthropomorphic forms) such as animation, manga, video games, light novels, social stories, the real world, or other self-created tangible characters. The method is to deliberately wear similar costumes, add the matching of props, make-up, body language and other parameters to imitate these characters.

Development of COSPLAY

Cosplay has been around for a long time, but it's thanks to Disney that it really evolved into its modern definition. Disney created the world's first Disneyland in 1955, and invited employees to wear Mickey Mouse costumes for tourists to enjoy or take pictures as souvenirs. Later, similar events were held all over the world.
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