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Wig care

1. When wearing long hair, it will constantly rub with your clothes and body. After wearing it, it will become messy, especially against the inner layer of the back.

2. Care solution + big steel comb is your necessary helper. After wearing the use of care fluid will be better comb, not easy to tear hair.

3 wear after the mess must not be forced, please use your fingers to comb a simple settlement of the development of the end of the knot (if it is a dead knot can only be cut off) and then use steel comb comb first hair end, finally from the top down comb.

4. Wigs do not need to be washed frequently. If you need to remove hair gel, dust or sweat, please put the wig after conditioning in room temperature water, and pour in the right amount of shampoo or hair conditioner. Press dry the water with dry towel after washing, natural air is dry. Do not use a hot hair dryer (will blow and damage hair) and the sun exposure (easy to tan deformation
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