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Cos clothing selection

Cos clothing selection

One: own situation
1. First of all, you must know your body data: height, measurements, shoulder width, arm length, leg length, head circumference, neck circumference, foot size

2. The non-customized C clothes try to accommodate the largest part of the body. I would rather buy a big one than a small one. If it is too big, you can fine-tune it yourself with pins or clips, or you can go to a tailor shop to ask a tailor to modify it. If it is too small, there is no way

Two: C server selection
1. Try to go to a store that sells cosplay clothes

2. You can compare the details and degree of restoration of the clothes with the person design to see if the effect you want is achieved, and whether the pattern and fabric are suitable

Three: custom and second-hand
1. Tailor customization needs to look at the details by yourself, and it is best to communicate with the tailor, otherwise the data will be inaccurate and the modification will take too much time

2. It is best to ask for physical pictures or videos of second-hand clothing, but there may be signs of use and defects, which need to be screened by yourself

3. After the arrival of the goods, it is necessary to check the quantity of the specific items, because there may be missing or damaged items
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