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contact lens

You need to take out the cosmetic contact lenses and put them in the mirror box and soak them in the care solution for 12 hours before wearing them
(You need to buy contact lens care solution in your local or other mall)

How to wear lenses?
First open the box containing the cosmetic contact lenses, take out the wearing stick and tweezers, use the tweezers to clamp one of the cosmetic lenses on the wearing stick (pay attention to the front and back of the cosmetic contact lenses), keep your eyes as close to the mirror as possible, open your eyes, and look at the mirror. , Use one hand to open the upper and lower eyelids (stretch as large as possible), keep your eyes still, slowly approach the eyeball with the wearing stick with the cosmetic contact lenses, and not blink your eyes, let the edge of the cosmetic contact lenses stick to the eyeball first until Fit the whole piece to your eyeballs, turn your eyeballs up and down, close your eyes and press gently. The first time you wear it may not be done in one go, so be patient. If you can’t put it on, don’t plug it in. Put the cosmetic contact lenses back into the care solution and take them out again.

How to clean the lens?
Kneading method:
Pay attention to wash the front and back. Don't believe in the protein-removing care solutions that are free of rubbing, rub and wash every time you wash the lenses.
Specific steps:
Step1. Pour the nursing solution into the palm, and rub it in the same direction with the middle finger;
Step2. Pour out the care solution, turn the lens over with tweezers, and clean the back carefully;
Step3. Pick up the cosmetic contact lenses with tweezers, and rinse them with care solution appropriately;
Step4. Finally, save the cosmetic contact lenses with a 3/4 box full of care solution to ensure that the cosmetic contact lenses will not curl up.
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