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Acrylic Customized pet 3D painting YV666


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Place an order first, and send your pet avatar picture to

Size: 20cm*20cm, 30cm*30cm

The 3D three-dimensional picture shows pets more three-dimensionally. It is not just a flat surface. The layer of hair is superimposed through the transparent texture of the glass. It is composed of 6 pieces of acrylic glass. Each piece is assembled by magnets and is not easy to break. It can be placed in a transparent photo frame, our photo frame is of very high quality, making your pet paintings come to life.

Production time: After placing the order, it will be shipped within 15 days, because it is hand-painted, it takes a long time.

Handmade products are charged for time cost, no return or exchange service, please place an order carefully.
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